LNE Agri Earth's Story:

Since before I entered the earthmoving industry, I had a yearning to make a difference. A Difference in the way we do business, a difference in the product we provide to the customer, a difference in how the customer is treated.

It has been a bumpy ride. But since our launch at Bauma Africa in 2013 our company grew year on year. Showing that we are doing something right.

In 2017 a very well known international brand threatened to sue us, not because of any wrongdoing, but because of the impact we made. We took it as a huge compliment. I used the time to reflect on the everchanging market and decided to use this opportunity to steer the company in a different direction.


After 4 years we had to change our name, our logo, our branding. It was tough, but with it came the birth of something beautiful.

At the same time, we became authorised Carraro Parts dealers.

We changed our logo and started to reclaim the market. Because we do something, nobody else in this industry is doing.

We care that you lose money for every hour your machine is standing due to a breakdown. We care that our economy is struggling, that everything is getting more expensive, and business opportunities get less.

LNE Agri Earth is here for you. We are here to serve you, our customer.

Welcome to the family


Managing Director